The Club has invested in several resources to give all members access to up-to-date weather information as well as two on-site Webcams

** Booker Webcam/weather station is located at Wycombe Air Park which is 7.5 miles (downwind) south-east of the Chinnor ridge.

DHPC Weather Station

We have a Davis Weather Station which has a display in the Chiltern Gateway Centre and uses VWS software. It also updates the website in three separate web pages.

Weather Graphs is a static html page that shows the most detail and history. It is updated every minute. You should be able to access this from any browser on any platform.

Weather Gauges is an almost realtime page that can be accessed via almost any web browser on any platform including iPad and iPhones.


We have two types of Webcams at the Downs.

Webcam is a high resolution photograph taken by a digital camera every 1 minute. The image is compressed using jpg and uploaded to the website.

Live Video provides a realtime view of Dunstable Downs. It uses a DV camcorder (which has a decent optical lens and zoom) to produce a video stream to the online service uStream. Unfortunately, this uses Flash player and is very tempremental at the best of times, so you won't see this video if you are viewing it on a Apple iPhone or iPad.

Linking to our Data

Please feel free to link to our weather data. You can choose a link to receive our weather data via the wunderground service.

Here's an example below of what the link will look like. (Because the link uses Flash Player you won't see it if you are viewing this page on an Apple iPhone or iPad)