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To join the DHPC, you must be a current BHPA member with a Club Pilot (Hill) minimum rating. All pilots flying our sites must be a current member of the Club.
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New Members

Joining the DHPC you have three membership options: Full Membership (£20) or Limited Membership (£5) and Limited Membership Powered (£5).

1. Full Membership (£20 year)
Allows Full Members (with the required BHPA pilot rating) to fly all our sites; Dunstable Downs, Sharpenhoe, Chinnor and Holmbeck Farm. All new Full Members are required to attend the Airspace Briefing before flying at Dunstable Downs. Pilots must have a BHPA Club Pilot (Hill) rating minimum.


2. Limited Membership (£5 per year)
Allows Limited Members (with the required BHPA pilot rating) to fly at Sharpenhoe and Chinnor - BUT NOT AT DUNSTABLE DOWNS. Limited Members do NOT require the Airspace Briefing. IMPORTANT: Limited Membership is ONLY available to pilots with a BHPA Pilot (Hill) rating or above.


3. Limited Membership - Powered (£5 per year)
Allows Powered Hang-glider/Paraglider pilots to join the DHPC who wish to fly at Holmbeck Farm ONLY. You cannot free-fly an unpowered PG/HG at any of our Hill sites. Powered Limited Members do NOT require the Airspace Briefing. Powered Pilots must have BHPA Club Pilot (Power) rating minimum.


New Members

Join the DHPC via 'WebCollect', our Membership and Events management website, by clicking the button below and Sign-in to WebCollect. You will need to Sign-up for an account if you have never used WebCollect before. When completed, you will be able to sign-in to your account using your email and chosen password. Please remember your chosen password, you will need it to sign-in to WebCollect to renew your membership each year!

New members joining the DHPC between 1st January and 31st March, please note:

  • New members that join in the last three months of the DHPC membership year (1st January - 31st March) will have their memberships carried forward to the following year, effectively giving you up to 15 months membership for the price of 12 months.

Existing Members

Renewing your yearly Membership on the 1st April

Pay your yearly membership subscription (due on the 1st April) by clicking on the button below. Sign-in to your existing WebCollect account by using your original email & chosen password, check that your personal details are still up-to-date, and then select the appropriate Membership subscription. 

If you have forgotten your Password, just go to the DHPC page on WebCollect and then click on 'Access your account' at the bottom of the page, and then select 'Reset my password'. Then make sure you remember it this time!

If you pay via Direct Debit: As your Club Membership subscription is paid by Direct Debit, your Bank will automatically pay your yearly subscription on or around the 1st April each year. You do not have to set up another Direct Debit each year.

However, if your pay either via Bank Transfer, PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, or Cheque, you must pay your membership fee every year when the subscription is due, on or before the 1st April.

Our Membership Year

All memberships run from 1st April to 31st March yearly

All Club memberships run from the 1st April to 31st March every year. Therefore, everyone should renew their membership subscription before the 1st April.

If you intend paying you DHPC subscription by Direct Debit can you please set your payment date on or before the 1st April.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a NEW Member joining the Club for the first time between the 1st January and the 31st March - see opposite/below.

New members that join in the last three months of the DHPC membership year (1st January - 31st March) will have their memberships carried forward to the following year, effectively giving you up to 15 months membership for the price of 12 months.

For example: if you join the Club on the 1st January 2022, your Club Membership expires on the 31st March 2023.

BHPA minimum pilot ratings for our sites

Our sites have strict rules regarding the experience of club members flying them.

Dunstable Downs (CP+)

All Members must be a minimum of BHPA Club Pilot (Hill) Rated, and they will be issued with a lifetime helmet Airspace Sticker (BEFORE flying at Dunstable Downs for the first time) to show that they have completed the mandatory Airspace Briefing.

Sharpenhoe & Chinnor (P+)

All Members must be a minimum of BHPA Pilot (Hill) Rated and should receive a site briefing from a DHPC Club member before flying for the first time. Both these sites are technically difficult to fly and therefore we have limited them to (P) Pilot rated members only.

Holmbeck Farm (CP+)

Holmbeck Farm is a private airfield for Powered Paragliders & Hang-gliders. Members must be a minimum of BHPA Club Pilot (Power) rated and should receive an airfield briefing from a DHPC club member or the airfield owner before flying at this airfield.

Airspace Briefing

Full Members (£20) - an Airspace Briefing is required before you can fly at Dunstable Downs. Limited Members (£5) do NOT require the Briefing.

Next Airspace Briefing

Saturday, 4th June - 10:30am

To book a place on the next Airspace Briefing, click the button below

Full Members who wish to fly at Dunstable Downs, must attend the mandatory Airspace Briefing with a Senior Coach before flying at the Downs for the first time. Upon completion, pilots are issued with a lifetime Airspace Sticker that must be displayed on your flying helmet.

Airspace Briefings are organised once a month on weekend mornings, as notified on WebCollect.

Meeting Point
If you're attending the Briefing, meet outside the main entrance (if it's raining meet inside) at the Chiltern Gateway Centre on Dunstable Downs (satnav: LU6 2GY). There is ample parking. Please make sure you bring your BHPA Membership Card with you. 

Booking the Airspace Briefing
If you would like to attend the next Briefing, click on the button 'Book Airspace Briefing' below and book a place via WebCollect. If you are attending, please download the Airspace Document PDF (by clicking the link) and save it to your Phone/Tablet or print it out and bring it with you on the day.

Note: Airspace Briefings are only held once a month. Do NOT turn up unannounced on site expecting a Briefing, you will not be allowed to fly.

Payment Options

Choose from the following options for paying your club subscription on WebCollect.

  • PayPal: you can pay online using your PayPal account, Full Membership £20 or Limited Membership £5.
  • Credit Card / Debit Card: you can pay online with your Debit or Credit Card via the PayPal button if you have added these cards to your PayPal account. Full Membership £20 or Limited Membership £5.
  • Bank Transfer: you can pay online by Bank Transfer. Full Membership £20 or Limited Membership £5. You will be given the DHPC Account number and Sort code during the payment process.
  • Direct Debit: you can pay by setting up a Direct Debit for Full Membership £20. After selecting Direct Debit you will be forwarded to the 'GoCardless' payment system to complete your subscription. Your subscription will renew automatically on the 1st April each year.


Bank Transfers. These do not get paid automatically by your Bank, so you will have to remember to pay your Bank Transfer every year at the end of March.

Direct Debits.  Your Club Membership is paid automatically by your Bank and they will continue to pay your yearly Direct Debit subscription on or before the 1st April each year, until you notify your Bank to stop payment. You do not have to set up another Direct Debit every year.

CONTACT: DHPC Membership Secretary