DHPC Club Committee 2024-25

These are the new DHPC Committee Roles voted in at the AGM.


Your New Committee: April 2024 to April 2025

The new DHPC Committee positions and contact emails are shown below:

Email the entire Club Committee by clicking on this email link: committee@dunstablehpc.com

If any member would like to attend a committee meeting or view minutes of a previous committee meeting please contact the secretary by emailing: secretary@dunstablehpc.com to make arrangements.


BHPA Guidelines: The first four main posts (above) MUST be filled each year and voted in by Club members for the DHPC to remain as a Registered Club with the BHPA. They are; Chairman, Safety Officer, Secretary and Treasurer. If we do not have these four main roles in place, the Club has to be dissolved, and all flying ceases at our sites!

As a Committee, we meet roughly every 2 months online via Zoom and we are quite flexible with dates. If you would like to know more, please email the Committee: committee@dunstablehpc.com

To Nominate yourself for next years Committee Roles
Email the entire Club Committee by clicking on the email link: committee@dunstablehpc.com
Nominations must be in by: TBA

What we need you to do:

  • Attend the AGM. The new Committee is elected each year at the Club AGM, Please come along and support your Club. If you don't like how the Committee is running the Club then either attend the AGM or email your vote to change it.
  • Nominees. If you wish to stand for one of the Committee posts as indicated above, at the next AGM, send an email to: committee@dunstablehpc.com
  • Email Voting. If you cannot attend the online AGM, please email your votes for any Committee posts via the WebCollect form. This will become live two weeks before the AGM. Remember, you can vote for all posts, but only once!


  • Nominations for Committee roles must be submitted by: TBA
  • Any other proposals for the AGM must be submitted, by email, to the Committee no later than the: TBA
  • An agenda for the AGM will be sent out on the: TBA.

Nominations for the Committee posts are listed above. Only Full Members can vote, either in person at the AGM or by email voting. Limited Members are not allowed to vote.

We appreciate your support.

Chris Hille (Chairman DHPC)